Amstel III, Paasheuvelweg

Amstel III, Paasheuvelweg

The urban renewal of Amstel lll in Amsterdam ZO (South-East) is becoming increasingly visible with a series of projects that will transform the area into an integrated residential and work area. The plans for the Paasheuvelweg area are also emphatically moving away from the “monofunctional office location” character. dvdp works as an urban designer on the Noordwestkwadrant part of the plan, an area where Certitudo Capital owns a series of locations to realize these urban ambitions. dvdp is developing the urban development framework for Certitudo in close consultation with the municipality of Amsterdam and further developing one of the buildings from that plan, with social housing and medium-priced rental housing, as an architect. Team V, StudioNineDots and MulderBlauw sign for the other buildings




Certitudo Capital


newly built homes, office spaces, parking and facilities


architectural elaboration: approx. 184 SH homes, approx. 147 MDH homes, approx. 1000m2



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