Cruquiuseiland, Amsterdam

Cruquiuseiland, Amsterdam

On behalf of Amvest, dvdp is working on the design for a combination of large ground-bound city houses and compact apartments in the urban setting of the new Cruquiuseiland. On the basis of a multiplex-commission won, housing types will be added in a prominent place to the large collection of apartments that have now been realized on the island on one of the last Amsterdam peninsulas of the Oostelijk Havengebied to be transformed.

In a small but strategically located spot in the heart of the urban plan, the missing link is built, both in a programmatic and spatial sense. The plan also consists of business functions and commercial functions in the plinth that can possibly be linked to the city houses above, and of a collective parking and bicycle shed for the new residents. Both building blocks meet the new high sustainability requirements and are served with an extensive WKO-installation.






29 urban homes, 52 studios, supermarket, bicycle shed, 56 pp, heat-cold storage 


Roos Aldershoff, BeemFlights

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