Promotion room De Waaier, University of Twente

Promotion room De Waaier, University of Twente

The promotion room is a prominent part of the building in which a number of lecture rooms for the University of Twente in Enschede are collected. In addition to daily education, the building is also the place for special academic events such as conferences, public lectures and promotions. The most recent renovation of this builidng ensures users of an attractive new ambiance and a festive address accessible to everyone, with a design that does justice to the modernization of an academic tradition desired by the UT. And in addition, the project for dvdp itself is a return to a well-known place from its history: once the location of "Hal C" as part of the ultra-flexible first generation UT buildings, then the interior of the CC building as a central meeting place for lectures and informal meetings, and now in this room: completely dedicated to the beautiful ritual of promotions.




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Promotion room




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