Schalkwoud, Haarlem

Schalkwoud, Haarlem

Together with Wilma Wonen, dvdp created a new plan for the Belcanto location in Schalkwijk, Haarlem. The area is transformed into a green residential area with little traffic: a modern city forest. The plan focusses on urban living with cars out of sight, a transparent urban plan, sight lines and connections with the neighborhoods around and two neighborhood squares. In this way Schalkwijk is an innovative and distinctive part of both the city and the natural environment.

The building program consists of both ground-level city dwellings in separate blocks in green areas, as well as apartment buildings with a flexible building structure and a two-layer plinth with workspaces. The public space and landscape are designed by BOOM Landscape.




Wilma Wonen


125 houses

136 apartments together with living/working space


Defesche Van den Putte

Boom Landscape



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