Dasselaarstraat, Hilversum

Dasselaarstraat, Hilversum

Commissioned by De Alliantie Ontwikkeling bv, a design has been made for new development on the site of the existing apartment buildings on the Dasselaarstraat, Erfgooierstraat, Van Dijkstraat and Verschurestraat in the far north-east corner of Hilversum Noord.

The new design provides gallery access for all apartments on all floors, a private front door for the apartments on the ground floor and the use of a grid size of 7500 mm with a limited number of exceptions. The allotment does justice to the quality of the existing public space: making street walls where necessary and maintaining the green character of the neighborhood. The new buildings on the Erfgooierstraat and the Jacob van Campenlaan (a project of De Alliantie and dvdp) are used as examples.

By applying a rational and regular building system, a generic plan is created that offers space for a varied housing program, from small studios of approx. 50 m2 gbo to large homes of approx. 90 m2 gbo. Finally, the quality requirements that always play a prominent role for De Alliantie in new construction are: clear floor plans that can be used for many different groups of residents, spacious private outdoor spaces, a clear and secure access structure, a high degree of efficiency and a compact solution for parking spaces and (bicycle) storage. A clear framework for everyone's domain (private, collective and public) also plays a major role, in order to ensure the sustainable use of the entire living environment reaches its full potential.




De Alliantie Ontwikkeling b.v.


ca. 165 apartments




Luuk Kramer

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