Intermax Cloudsourcing, Rotterdam

Intermax Cloudsourcing, Rotterdam

Intermax is a fast-growing company in Cloudsourcing. The new office space (1100 m2 GFA) on the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam should not only be a pleasant workplace for young professionals, but should also make the transparency, quality and professionalism that the company stands for more visible.

Defesche Van den Putte has designed a light and open space in which a natural looking transition has been made between spaces with different character and use. On the square side a large "sitting room" has been created with an open kitchen as the social center of the floor. There are various consultation and meeting rooms around and a large meeting room which can be merged with the sitting room by sliding a glass wall.

In the working area, large furniture and quiet areas provide a separation between a quiet working environment and the sometimes hectic space of the Network Operations Center (NOC).

The seamless floor, glass walls, continuous light lines and expanded metal ceilings give the design an open, light and professional look that matches the core values ​​of the company; in addition, the oak wood, the bronze-colored wall panels and the furniture create a warm environment in which one feels at home. The open ceilings (expanded metal) in combination with a rubber subfloor and perforated wall panels have created an acoustically very pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Altogether, this has given Intermax an inspiring new workspace in which they can do what they are good at: innovate from curiosity.




Intermax Cloudsourcing


flexible office space


architect; all phases construction project


Roos Aldershoff

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