Wolfert PRO, Lansingerland

Wolfert PRO, Lansingerland

The starting points for the location paint an attractive image: the new school as part of a series of objects that carelessly spread out as a sculpture garden between the two gates to the neighborhood. Every object with its own expression. The coherence arises - just like with the images - through the placement on similar foundations.

In this context, a compact plan has been designed that presents itself as a (universal) object. In addition, the program - the characteristic of the school - has been made visible in the expressive facades and the building volume has been adapted in such a way that it conforms to the human dimension.

In the development of the design, a sober and industrial look was chosen: what you see is what you get, sustainable, timeless and adaptable to future developments.

Local residents and external relations are received in a brasserie run by students located on the street side and in an enclosed courtyard garden. From this brasserie they have access to the practice boulevard - the heart of the school. Here are the practical classrooms that can also be used for adult education and creative and technical training after school hours.




Stichting BOOR / Penta Rho


New building VMBO / MAVO; ca. 6.100 m2 teaching rooms


Multiple assignment;

collaboration between Defesche Van den Putte / Bo2.rotterdam / Arcadis


A2 studio, Rotterdam

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